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A couple of words that we mashed together.

:something pleasant or helpful :a benefit or advantage

:someone who does or handles or operates something

So a Boonster is essentially a pleasant and helpful person that does something for you. It could be a painter, carpenter, hairdresser, garbage man, tutor, labourer, or maybe someone that makes a product.

Boonster.ca is a community where these Boonsters can come together, share, and trade what they have to offer.
Boonster.ca is a community where people can come together to trade / barter their goods and services. If you are interested, you can sign up for free and create a listing describing what you are offering to the community and what it is worth. It can be a service, something you made, or even just something you have around the house that you don’t need anymore. You get Boonster Bucks in couple of different ways.
  1. From other Boonsters: Anytime someone chooses to use your service or buy your product, they will pay you will Boonster Bucks
  2. From Boonster.ca directly: This could be a sign up promotion or if you do some work directly for Boonster.ca (eg referring new members, programming, administration, design work,  etc)
You can spend your Boonster Bucks anywhere on the site. Instead of paying with money, you pay with Boonster Bucks.
You can think Boonster Bucks as either trade credits in a barter club, or a local virtual currency. We use Boonster Bucks to pay for all transactions on the site.
A couple of reasons, anytime we move real money around there is always some form of transaction fee. Paypal charges 2.9% and practically all they are doing is moving a number from one place to another. We can do this essentially for free with Boonster Bucks so it allows us to operate the website without charging any service fees.

As well if you talk to anyone that has bartered in the past, they will say there is something different about when you make a deal by bartering. It has a way of encouraging deals that would have otherwise not happened.

Boonster Bucks can only be spent in the community, so they never leave to go to a foreign country or fill big corporate pockets. The Boonster Bucks that you spend will be spent over and over in the same community. They will likely make it back into your account to be spent again.

It’s not a new idea, if you are interested you can read more about Local Currencies or Local Exchange Trading System

It depends, what can you get for a dollar? The value of a Boonster Buck for hiring someone is pretty much the same as that of a dollar. If it would cost you $20 (CAD) an hour to hire someone it will cost you 20 Boonster Bucks an hour.
There are many different services and products offered with more being added all of the time. A general rule of thumb is if you can pay someone to do it, and wouldn’t be ashamed to tell your grandmother about it, you can find it on Boonster.ca.

The community is continuing to grow and expand to other locations. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know. We may even have a promotion going that rewards you with Boonster Bucks for referring us a new Boonster.
It’s free. There is no exchange fees, monthly, or listing fees. You contribute to the community by offering your products or services, and you benefit by getting access to the products and services of everyone else.
It’s a big world and we can’t check into everyone ourselves. This is where we rely heavily on the community and rating / reviews. Look for Boonsters who have a positive history and always participate in leaving feedback. Any Boonster that has more than one serious serious complaint against them will be stripped of their Boonster status and banned from the site.
It is important to make sure that the job expectations are laid out well from the very beginning. If a Boonster doesn’t do what was agreed up a dispute can be opened and a Boonster.ca representative will help to get this resolved. It is important to keep all communication through Boonster.ca to make sure dispute resolutions are fair and made with complete information.
We are all about encouraging growth of the local economy. If you don’t have any Boonster Bucks and want to hire them or buy their product directly we fully support that.
No, it’s entirely up to you which offers you accept. If you are not comfortable with a buyer because of their feedback or anything else you may cancel the order.

Some businesses may choose to only accept Boonster Bucks during certain times / events
The community is continuing to grow so check back soon and maybe you will find something.

Better yet, if there is someplace local you have in mind where would like to spend you Boonster Bucks. Ask them if they would accept them. They can join the community for free. Boonster.ca will throw a couple of extra bucks your way for the referral.
The website is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, the same industry standard used by banks. As with any online account keep your password secured and complex (numbers, letters, uppercase / lowercase)

This is a local service where you will likely be interacting with your barter partners one on one, and all transactions are rated and reviewed. It is considered to be very secure, however if you notice anything suspicions please let an administrator know.
There is a humorous episode of Raising Hope http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3105306/ where they start a barter exchange. The creators of “Burt Bucks” decide once they have spend all their bucks they they will just print some more. In the end it takes a wheelbarrow full of Burt Bucks to buy anything.

We avoid this problem by not just arbitrarily issuing Boonster Bucks. No administrator can just load up their account and go to town buying whatever they like. The virtually currency is continually monitored, and any time new bucks are issues it is disclosed publicly.

Boonster bucks are only issued for growing, maintaining, or improving the community.
Absolutely! Depending on if what you are trading is your primary business or are just doing a little bit of barter on the side, the Canada Revenue Agency has laid out some rules on how to treat barter transactions.


If this is your primary business it is recommended that you speak with your accountant regarding the best ways to use barter to reduce your tax bill.